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Solutions that Save Lives, Bit by Bit, at HIMSS20

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HIMSS20 calls health information and technology professionals around the world to one essential, simple, bold action: Be the change. MIC is answering that call with solutions that save lives, bit by bit. This year, we will be showcasing new solutions dedicated to:

  • enabling a new secure medical device integration option with Cisco
  • transforming the EMR into a clinical surveillance tool,
  • improving virtual ICUs and command centers, and
  • enhancing clinical communications.

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Leverage your Cisco networking architecture to enable secure medical device integration at scale and transform the EMR into a Clinical Surveillance Tool.

MIC is excited to announce our newly validated medical device integration (MDI) solution with Cisco, designed to help solve this problem by integrating Cisco’s secure network infrastructure with MIC’s FDA-cleared Sickbay™ Platform. The integrated solution unifies real-time physiologic data with EMR and other patient data. Data is delivered safely and securely back to care teams remotely on any web-enabled device or within the EMR to create a secure, scalable MDI solution that:

  • Automates and enhances documentation for improved revenue, care and accuracy
  • Enhances clinical surveillance to reduce patient risk by integrating physiologic waveform data into your EMR
  • Optimizes your Cisco network to avoid or reduce hardware at the bedside and securely scale MDI across the enterprise
  • Enables additional security for tens of thousands of medical devices
  • Creates the foundation to leverage Sickbay for the development and deployment of research and patient-centered analytics at scale

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Improve Virtual ICUs and Command Centers with Real-time Risk Scores.

Along with Caregility, MIC is launching a Virtual ICU and Command Center with user configurable algorithms and real-time risk scores. Combining the power of Caregility’s video excellence with MIC’s Sickbay platform, this vendor-agnostic ICU can perform virtual monitoring at scale across units, facilities, device manufacturers, and vendors. Key features of the combined solution include:

  • Access to all real-time and historical waveform data from all connected devices for an entire patients length of stay,
  • Ability to layer other patient data such as labs and meds directly onto waveform data to expedite root cause analysis and intervention
  • Configurable real-time risk scoring to help clinicians virtually round, with all data needed, to make more informed decisions based on actual risk
  • Extendability of the solution to support other remote monitoring workflows, such as central vent monitoring and home health, automated documentation, and more

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Enhance Clinical Communications. Add Context. Expedite Intervention.

The Zebra/MIC solution enhances the value of your current clinical communications solution by adding context, specifically waveforms, to the alarms and alerts received on Zebra phones to help determine real alerts from noise, expedite intervention, and help reduce overall patient risk. The waveform goes beyond a snippet in time  provided by other vendors to:

  • link to full historical data so the clinician can scroll back to determine what led to the event
  • pull in other waveform data from other devices as well as alarms, alarm limits, and EMR data such as labs and meds to better determine root cause
  • jump from that trend to see real-time waveforms across connected devices to confirm the patient’s current risk state
  • share the trend data with other providers to expedite intervention, and
  • create the foundation to leverage the infrastructure to create new patient-centered, intelligent alarms and home health monitoring.

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  • leverages your existing architecture,
  • allows you to solve multiple clinical and operational needs on a single solution, and
  • enables the ability to develop and deploy YOUR OWN, patient-centered AI at scale.

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