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Alarm Manager


Our Solution

Alarm Manager

Get an institutional view of all alarms across all units in the hospital to quickly meet NPSG and reduce noise

Capturing data from alarms is no easy task. Each device vendor typically charges for data access. Then, the data isn’t assembled in one place. In addition, once the data is gathered and packaged, it needs to be interpreted by internal staff. Each step results in wasted time and money. Fast track your alarm management with Alarm Manager – a web-based app that captures alarms from all devices, then provides a view of data for quick and easy targeting and ongoing analysis of impact.

  • View key performance indicators across the unit
  • Automatically track alarm KPI’s across all monitored patients
  • Drill down by bed to determine root cause of alarm fatigue
  • Quickly measure impact of alarm limit changes
  • Download reports on the fly to a .csv file
  • Access raw data for internal analysis

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Optimize alarm limits for an individual patient in 2 minutes or less
Want to see the platform live in action?
“The data available in AlarmManager has allowed the nurses in the ICU to express their concerns in a clear way. By presenting aggregated data general issues can be targeted. By drilling down into that data, a better picture of the patient can be shared between the physician and the nurse to optimize care.”