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Date: July 29, 2020 About MIC, Featured

Dr. Dan Berkowitz shares his vision for data-driven care at UAB Dan Berkowitz, M.D., has always been hopeful for a healthcare future that is driven […]

Date: June 22, 2020 About MIC, Featured

The pandemic has exposed flaws in the U.S. healthcare system while enabling innovation that clinicians have demanded for years. What will the ultimate prognosis for […]

Date: June 15, 2020 About MIC, Featured

Social distancing, good hand hygiene, drive-through testing and telehealth visits: Yes, there are many ways we can all help flatten the curve to fight this […]

Date: May 26, 2020 About MIC, Featured

The COVID pandemic has exposed many deficiencies in the industry of healthcare, including the ability to adapt to meet clinical needs and still support revenue. […]

Date: May 18, 2020 About MIC, Featured

How do we expand capacity? How do we get expert eyes on patients? How do we reduce clinicians’ exposure? Is there a way to be […]

Date: May 14, 2020 About MIC, Featured

“COVID, overnight, has changed how consumers are going to access and engage health systems.” – Peter Kung “Now, we’re being thrust into this mode where […]

Date: May 7, 2020 About MIC, Featured

The staff was skeptical at first, Dr. Atiya Dhala remembered. The medical director of the newly launched virtual ICU at Houston Methodist had conducted town […]

Date: March 13, 2020 About MIC, News, Featured

Virtual care can enable anytime, anywhere monitoring. Bed & Provider Shortages It is no secret that at the center of COVID-19 pandemic is the fact […]

Date: March 13, 2020 About MIC, Events, News

“Shifts in the way that healthcare is delivered during a COVID-19 outbreak response will be complex.” The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) included […]

Date: March 13, 2020 About MIC, News

Dr. Rusin’s presentation demonstrates the ability to predict 53 to 67 percent of cardiorespiratory deterioration events one to two hours in advance for single ventricle […]