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Remote Patient Monitoring | MultiMon


Our Solution

Monitor multiple patients from across the institution, create your own watch list, or even a customized vital specific central – and all from any networked PC, tablet, or phone

Central monitoring is traditionally done on a unit by unit basis, only available within that unit, and limited to cardiac monitors. These limitations are less than ideal in providing high quality care.

MultiMon shifts this dynamic by bringing patient vitals and waveforms from any connected device for multiple patients to any networked PC, tablet, or phone. This means that each individual care provider can create a personalized watch list of the patients they want to monitor – across units, across the hospital, even across institutions. It also means that care providers can choose the signals they want to see and even create a new device specific virtual central monitor such as a VentMon or SpO2Mon. The choice is in the care provider’s hands for a completely flexible, new way of centrally monitoring patients beyond the point of care to improve decision making, quality of care, and outcomes.

  • Create your own watch list of patients across units, across the hospital, or even across institutions
  • Choose the signals and waveforms you want to see from ALL connected devices
  • Create device specific central views (i.e. VentMon or SpO2 Mon)
  • Drill down to get more detail for each patient

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View real-time vitals and waveforms from any device… anytime, anywhere

Patient Hx

Get true full disclosure of all vitals and waveforms from 1 second to 1 year
Want to see the platform live in action?
“I use MultiMon to create my own personalized central monitor to follow the patients that worry me the most. This increases patient safety, the quality of the work of the staff in the unit, my productivity, and possibly outcomes.”