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Rapid risk score


Rapid Risk Score | Reducing Patient Risk

Expedite the calculation of common scores to reduce patient risk

Risk scores help clinicians prioritize care by patient acuity. Computation is typically manual with data for calculation residing on multiple devices and systems hospital-wide. Clinicians need these scores quickly and they need to be alerted immediately as they change to reduce patient risk.

MIC’s Rapid Risk Score app automatically computes patient scores in real-time and enables access to the score on any web-enabled device to expedite care and intervention. Scores can also be sent as smart alerts to end-point devices, along with a link to real-time and historical waveform data, for enhanced patient surveillance.

  • Access to eight common risk scores such as MEWS, SOFA, and more
  • Modification or creation of hospital defined scores
  • Automatic calculation of objective data from devices and systems
  • Quick pick-list access to streamline subjective data input with
    auto-submission to all existing scores
  • On-demand clinician validation and EMR transmission
  • Automatic access to scores on web-enabled devices and/or transmission to phones to expedite intervention


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