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Our Solution

Remote Monitoring | PatMon

View real-time vitals and waveforms, from ALL connected medical devices, from almost any networked PC, tablet, or phone

Patient care never stops. The challenge is getting access to the data clinicians need to make informed decisions beyond the patient’s bedside.

Sickbay’s PatMon app solves this problem. PatMon brings ALL of a patient’s vitals and waveforms from any integrated device directly to a care provider’s networked PC, tablet, or phone. They can even connect from the same screen to Sickbay’s PatientHx app to see full patient history or PatMon Alarms to determine if any changes need to be made to alarm settings.

This means that clinicians can quickly see what is going on with a patient beyond the bedside and even beyond the walls of the hospital so they can make decisions faster, communicate with other members of their team more intelligently, and improve care delivery and outcomes.

  • Customize the vitals and waveforms you want to see
  • Compare signals from ANY connected device
  • Share the URL with other care providers to provide a quick reference to the event
  • Support event adjudication and track process improvements

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Create your own patient watch list and remotely monitor multiple patients beyond the bedside

Patient Hx

Get true full disclosure of all vitals and waveforms from 1 second to 1 year
Want to see the platform live in action?
“PatMon allows me to remotely view ventilator data for patients. This is something that I previously could only do at the bedside. Now, I can look at my patients from anywhere. For example, I can call up a patient of interest on my computer in my office, and observe their recovery or deterioration.”