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Our Company

Why we do what we do
We wake up every morning to change lives – the lives of caregivers and patients
We do this by focusing on the data and transforming it so it is meaningful and actionable.
We do this so the healers can focus on the patient, not the data.
Medical Informatics. Saving lives, bit by bit®
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What we stand for

Everything we do, we do to empower healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care and save lives. Our team of curious, tireless, problem solvers constantly focus on innovating to design solutions that make the impossible, possible. We do this by being open and accessible … in our designs and in our relationships with each other, our partners, and our customers. We believe that this open culture is the key to meeting our vision of creating a paradigm shift in healthcare that transforms the way care is delivered and supports the delivery of a high performance health care system.
Where we came from

Medical Informatics (MIC) began when Co-founder, Dr. Craig Rusin, was working in a cardiology department and needed a way to take high-resolution physiological data to identify indicators of disease and predictors of patient conditions. At the time, there were no commercially available data collection tools that could collect, store, and process the volume of data needed to integrate with an analytics program. Dr. Rusin solved the problem by building his own grid-computing platform. Dr. Emma Fauss came along and realized that this platform could be used beyond medical research to solve other clinical problems across the healthcare environment. Dr. Fauss became CEO and commercialized the platform for wider adoption.
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