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Rapid Research


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Rapid Research | Expedite Algorithm Developement

Quadruple your research grant output and go from idea to publication in a day…

The process for gathering the high-resolution data for clinical research is manual and tedious. It can takes months – or even a year – to gather, process, and analyze it. This creates delays in grant applications and journal publications, and sometimes means that the research itself can be outdated by the time it is brought to market. In addition, most research has no way of being implemented into clinical practice.

RapidResearch changes this paradigm. RapidResearch automatically captures ALL high-resolution physiologic data and vitals from networked and non-networked devices as well as ADT data, labs, and meds, and transforms it into a dashboard to enable rapid production of clinical research. Rapid Research gives researchers the tool they need to go from idea to publication in a day and quadruple research grant output. It also enables the ability to then take that research algorithm and create a software based predictive monitor that can be deployed in clinical practice along with contextual alerts and smart alarms to improve care and outcomes.

  • Get seamless, real-time collection of high-resolution physiological data from networked and non-networked devices
  • Tie in labs and medications for full clinical picture
  • Give any user access so they can quickly and easily:
    • Study and compare cohorts of patients
    • Review and tag clinical events
    • Run pre-defined or custom analyses
    • Perform large-scale data analytics
  • All with open APIs for MATLAB and C and integration with BedMaster
  • And on a scalable, flexible platform that enables the deployment of that algorithm into clinical practice

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Patient Hx

View any event, including all vitals and waveforms, from 1 second to 1 year… anytime, anywhere
Want to see the platform live in action?
“RapidResearch gives me fast and permanent high resolution data access to help me care for my patients and publish meaningful research. The app serves up information from other units that I use for my research. Without it, I would have to rely on low sampled vitals in Epic, and I would not be able to cross-reference my research data.”