How Smart is Your Smart Hospital Strategy?

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About this webinar
What makes a “Smart Hospital”? In this webinar we’ll discuss ways to make a smart hospital by creating a laser focused effort to strategically unlock the power of your data turning it into value for both your hospital and your consumer/patient.

Important numbers to consider:

  • Frost & Sullivan said that hospitals will spend more than $5 billion by 2025 for cloud computing, data analytics and remote patient monitoring.
  • They also projected that healthcare organizations will spend an additional $12 billion on hygiene management, pharmacy automation, patient flow solutions, secure communications, mobile asset tracking and smart rooms.
  • Almost 161 million Healthcare IoT devices are estimated to be shipped worldwide for installation in 2020.

This focus on technology-enabled care is being driven by consumerism, patient experience and the triple aim of healthier individuals and populations – all while driving costs down.
Join Dell EMC’s Robin Braun, CIO, Healthcare Storage Solutions in a discussion on how Dell Technologies brings “Smart Tech” to Hospitals to enable technology-enabled care. Hear discussion on what works, challenges, best practices, and key learnings.

Robin will also engage with special guests Heather Hitchcock, CMO, Medical Informatics – a partner and industry expert in leveraging clinical wave forms, as well as Deborah Millin, Dell EMC Healthcare Lead for Surveillance, Safety and Telematics Transformation. They will discuss best practices touching on multiple components of a Smart Hospital platform.

In this session, we will explore:

  1. What becoming a “Smart Hospital” means to patients, providers, payers, and consumers/patients
  2. Challenges of monitoring patient health with traditional bedside medical devices
  3. Changes in care due to wave form aggregation, remote monitoring, collection, and analysis
  4. How you can leverage video & tele-health to impact care delivery options, safety, and revenue

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