Medical Informatics Corp. launches Sickbay bundle for efficient healthcare management

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Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC) announces an agreement with Dell EMC OEM Solutions to deliver MIC’s Sickbay™ platform bundled with Dell EMC server and storage solutions.

“Medical Informatics is pleased to collaborate with Dell EMC OEM Solutions,” says MIC chief executive officer Emma Fauss, PhD, MBA. ”We are also excited about our recent addition as a turnkey solution under the company’s OEM Solution Bundle. This new offering will allow hospitals to maximize the benefits of our Sickbay solution using a modern IT infrastructure that is robust, customizable and scalable, with validated options that streamline the Sickbay purchasing and installation process.”

“Dell EMC is dedicated to healthcare IT transformation,” said Ron Pugh, vice president, Dell EMC OEM Solutions. “We are excited to work with companies like MIC to accelerate digital transformation in the healthcare industry. Together we can deliver on our vision of supporting better patient outcomes and world-class care.”

Sickbay is an FDA-cleared software-based patient monitoring and analytics platform. It aggregates, analyzes and transforms data, including high-fidelity waveforms, into actionable information for data-driven medicine and patient-centered care. The platform offers a library of web-based applications that support multiple clinical use cases including telehealth, virtual ICUs, automated strip export, and predictive analytics.

The addition of Sickbay to the OEM program provides a multitude of turnkey options that can be optimized for specific workloads. Options include pre-engineered bundles such as Dell EMC PowerEdge R440 and FX2 servers and/or Dell EMC Isilon scale-out network-attached storage as well as customized configurations to support the solid, scalable infrastructure, robust computing power, and high capacity storage required for Sickbay’s sophisticated functionality.

About MIC
MIC is revolutionizing healthcare by transforming the way patients are monitored. As a software based monitoring and analytics company, their revolutionary SickbayTM platform archives, aggregates, and transforms otherwise not-recorded, high-resolution waveform data across disparate devices to enable real time, anywhere, anytime remote monitoring across the entire continuum of care. The same platform can then be leveraged to use machine learning and AI to deploy real-time, predictive analytics that get ahead of deterioration and risk and enable data-driven medicine and patient centered care


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