MIC Collaborates with AT&T Foundry For Connected Health Event

Date: June 8, 2016

The AT&T Foundry For Connected Health celebrated its grand opening inside TMC’s Innovation Institute on June 7th, and Medical Informatics Corp (MIC) was honored to play a role in this day of recognition. Our virtual patient monitoring station was demoed and we were able to begin networking with our new neighbor.


What Is The AT&T Foundry For Connected Health?

The AT&T Foundry is an innovation institute. It provides resources necessary for cutting-edge innovators to quickly develop and take to market products that make the world a better place. It fosters collaboration, encourages big ideas, and has the power to make things happen.

“The goal of the AT&T Foundry is to bring ideas from concept to commercialization faster than previously possible, and nowhere is that mission more important than in healthcare,” said Igal Elbaz, Vice President of Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T.

The Foundry For Connected Health focuses entirely on Healthcare Innovation. It’s located within the TMC Innovation Institute (same location as the MIC headquarters), and will work alongside MIC and other TMCx companies to improve care.

Read the Announcement from AT&T

Why did MIC Participate in this Event?

MIC is trying to create a paradigm shift in healthcare that transforms the way care is delivered. Digital health and innovation is the key to making that happen and creating solutions that seamlessly connect to one another is the only way healthcare will finally get up to speed with the other industries.

“Ultimately, we have a shared vision. Both AT&T and MIC are focusing on the commercialization of solutions that we believe will dramatically improve healthcare for everyone. The fact that AT&T sees us as a leader in digital health innovation proves we’re doing something right. It was an honor to demo our products during this event, and we look forward to the collaboration to come,” says Emma Fauss, CEO of Medical Informatics Corp.

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