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ECG Strip Charting | Patient Hx with Strip Export

Patient Hx with Strip Export

Automatically send ECG strips and full trends to your EMR

The strip charting process is an ongoing challenge. Nurses, techs, and other members of the care team are faced with the burden of having to print and scan ECG strips to make them part of the
patient’s electronic record.

Physicians are often left waiting to review strips for remote consult which delays care and increases patient risk.

Patient Hx with Strip Export eliminates these manual processes. It has the ability to enable capture of strips as images that are automatically exported to the EMR with automation parameters defined by the hospital. Or, clinical users can create their own trend for key events and annotate the strip to automatically send it to the patient record.

And, the export includes an image plus a PHI-free URL to enable a true longitudinal view of patient history for improved EMR documentation, enhanced team communication, and reduced patient risk.

  • Automatically send ECG strips to your EMR with
    PHI-free URL
  • Define your own export automation criteria
  • Customize a complete trend across devices and send an image to your EMR
  • Expedite remote consults with immediate availability of strips and trends
  • Enable access to data on other devices including PC’s, tablets, and phones


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