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Our Platform

Sickbay is designed from the ground up to support clinical & analytics workflows

Helping hospital leaders reduce costs, improve care delivery, & accelerate care innovation

Lower MDI Costs

Avoid the expense of bedside hardware, maintenance and upgrades by leveraging your network architecture for secure, scalable medical device integration (MDI).

Enable Near Real-Time Monitoring

Unlock real-time and unlimited historical waveform data so your clinical staff can remotely monitor patients from any location.

Analyze Clinical Outcomes & Drive Revenue

Give your team access to waveform data and tools to expedite rev cycle denials support, research and grant submissions, build their own clinical algorithms and AI at scale.

How We Help

Prioritize multiple needs to drive real patient impact

A vendor-neutral solution that simplifies architecture, meets clinical demands, and reduces costs

  • The Heart of Sickbay
  • Unified Data
  • Optimized Budget

Sickbay Essentials

MIC’s FDA-cleared Sickbay Clinical Platform is challenging the world of patient monitoring and analytics to create a new standard of data-driven care. This is accomplished by automating the collection of patient data from the bedside to bring it to care teams wherever they are so they can:

  • expedite root cause analysis and intervention
  • improve care team collaboration
  • remove manual processes
  • improve overall quality of patient care and outcomes

Together, we believe we can change the face of medicine, save more lives, and help care teams powered by data to focus on patients.

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 Sickbay Essentials

Unified Data

Sickbay provides a single point of integration that supports all monitoring technologies & EHR data. Sickbay is the only FDA-cleared Class II Medical Device that is vendor-neutral. We integrate device data regardless of manufacturer. Additionally, Sickbay integrates medication & lab data from your EHR and combines these data points in a single user interface for all of your monitored patients. This consolidation supports improved clinical, quality, revenue cycle, & innovation workflows across your health system.

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Unified Data

Same Budget. Better Results.

Hospital administrators are pressured to decrease waste & eliminate redundancy.  Revenue cycle challenges increase that pressure.  IT departments manage disparate devices & vendors resulting in a costly, complex clinical & analytics environments.

Sickbay integrates all monitoring data & technologies into a single platform.  This simplifies information delivery & reduces the complexity that clinical, analytics, & rev cycle teams manage to improve outcomes and overall performance.  Establish a new standard for data-driven decision-making with Sickbay.

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Same Budget. Better Results.


All device signals in one place

Single Integrated View

Organize which signals matter to you with personalized view options for a specific patient displaying integrated waveforms, vitals, & alarms.

Diagnose Faster

Display information from the EHR alongside near real-time waveforms from anywhere.

Easier Patient Prioritization

Reduce time for identification & increase your attention based on comprehensive patient vitals in one view.



Mitigate risk & analyze root cause

Discover the problem

Utilize single patient data from 3 seconds to 3 years, including high-fidelity waveforms, vitals, alarms, flowsheets, medications, and labs.

Streamline your workflow

Export monitoring data directly into your EHR, to CSV, or send a URL for analysis on annotated events. Customize views of integrated patient history data for a unit or a group of users.

Reduce risk

Annotate patient events and perform case reviews to reduce risk with unlimited patient history available in real-time.



Monitor multiple patients

Central telemetry anywhere

Monitor up to 100 patients at a time in a single view displaying waveforms, vitals, and alarms. Customize views for hospital or unit wall boards.

Prioritize patients by need

Create custom multi-patient watch lists for units & respiratory therapists. Improve rounding effectiveness.

Reduce alarm fatigue

Mute audible alarms and sensory overload by seeing everything for all your patients in one place.



Easy access to all data types

Simplified direct access for all users

Create & view customizable reports using standardized & consolidated data in Sickbay for research, clinical care, & quality improvement.

Control your data parameters

View, sort, & filter data with customizable queries. Download and distribute data using specific user permissions to control access.

Confidently triage risk

Improve quality of care by running risk assessments for patients to determine patient care plans.


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MIC is committed to empowering all members of the care team to save more lives by unlocking data in ways that have not been available before.