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Implement the telemetry solution that drives scalability & efficiency

Align your teams on a shared platform to drive notifications, improvements in time-to-treat, & efficient documentation

Staff Satisfaction

Streamline workflows by connecting teletechs to bedside care teams sharing the same platform

Platform Extensibility

Shared user experience with no RNS costs

Scalability Built In

Achieve a 1:50 staffing ratio for patient monitoring

Get the patient insights you need, right when you need them

Automated documentation & near real-time EHR integration allows you to focus where it matters most

  • The New Standard
  • Elevate Your Team
  • Scale at Lower Cost
  • Collaborate & Support Savings

Sickbay Telemetry

Benefit from simplified monitoring & expedite response times:

  • Reduce transfer times from other facilities
  • Improve adherence to best practices
  • Reduce the margin for error
  • Reduce potential for regulatory non-compliance
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Sickbay Telemetry

Increase Teletech Effectiveness

Simplify team communication with shared user interface for all of your clinical & support teams including nurses, doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, vRNs, & tele techs.

Review & annotate waveforms with interactive markers, interval measurements per patient & across patients.

Quickly review shift reports to manage staff and shift changes with alerts, administered meds, tele label & status changes, & rhythm validations.

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Increase Teletech Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Gain flexibility & scalability unavailable with hardware that does not have the flexibility or scalability to deploy Central Telemetry across your hospital.

Avoid remote nursing station (RNS) costs & focus on access from anywhere to monitor your patients.

Increase efficiency by deploying fewer teletechs & monitor more beds to drive utilization & revenue.

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Cost Effectiveness

Better Collaboration for Better Outcomes

Positively impact care using Sickbay’s platform approach to Telemetry:

  • Reduce time on Tele
  • Reduce consumables & operational costs such as excess tele packs, batteries, leads
  • Reduce labor costs scanning & processing tele documentation (hard copies, strip exports, etc.)
  • Improve billing & audit support
  • Fully disclose details to reduce denials
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Better Collaboration for Better Outcomes

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