Sickbay Virtual Ops - Sickbay


Power informed, intelligent ICU care in an instant

Connect bedside staff to expert clinical care virtually anytime anywhere

Drive Revenue

Resolve throughput challenges

Reduce Costs

Minimize errors & save money

Improve Quality

Reduced mortality, LoS, & code blues


Optimize high acuity care with patient risk stratification

Stratify risk for every monitored patient via an all-in-one interface

  • Risk Stratification
  • Quality Focused
  • Care Compliance

Proactive prioritization with risk stratification with Sickbay Virtual Ops

Precisely configure patient risk scores with more than 30 calculations

Monitor more than 50 patients in a single view

Support vICU communication with second-by-second device data visible to both remote command centers & bedside care teams

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Proactive prioritization with risk stratification with Sickbay Virtual Ops

Quality assured through collaboration

Drive innovation through collaboration by breaking down the data silos between your clinical, research, & IT teams. Connect your teams on a single platform that provides actionable insights to:

  • Reduce ICU Length of Stay
  • Reduce Mortality
  • Reduce Nocturnal Code Blues
  • Support QI initiatives including reduction of AKI & adherence to hypoglycemia protocols
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Quality assured through collaboration

Team-driven Compliance

Increase visibility, improve situational awareness, and maintain compliance.

Improve results with improved compliance:

  • Full disclosure data supporting coding by CDI teams. Maximize reimbursement & potential claims denial.
  • Documentation that supports error reduction & best practices for compliance & regulations.
  • Best clinical practice adherence across units, departments, and your entire system – no matter what specialty.
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Team-driven Compliance

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